[Healeys] Small part

David Nock BCS healeydoc at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jan 3 11:09:39 MST 2022

Ray,   yew we have the available new if you still are looking for this part.   We have been away all last week. 

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Hi Ray- I should have one of those in my misc. hardware.  Give me your address and I will send one out. Hank.  You can reply here:  healeyhelper.com


From: "Ray Juncal via Healeys" 
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Sent: Tuesday December 28 2021 1:19:39PM
Subject: [Healeys] Small part

I need one of these spring washers that go on the "100" throttle linkage bell crank. It has a 3/8" inside diameter. Anybody out there have a spare they can lay hands on?

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