[Healeys] Frame dents

John Vrugtman javrugtman at htcnet.org
Sun Jan 2 06:28:28 MST 2022

I used a version of the stud welding, A stud with a ring through which I 
used a long bar against a piece of wood levered most dents out with good 

64/66 BJ8s

On 1/1/2022 11:08 PM, Michael Salter via Healeys wrote:
> The BN2 that I'm restoring has, unfortunately, been jacked up a couple 
> of times with equipment that has dented the bottom of the frame. I  
> would like to correct this.
> I've heard of welding studs on and using a slide hammer and drilling 
> hole(s) in the upper surface and using a long punch then welding up 
> the holes.
> Anyone know of a better method for this?
> I'm reasonably proficient with a TIG welder.
> M

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