[Healeys] rocker arm rebuild

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They rebuilt my rocker arm and surfaced the lifters back in 2011 for $276. I don’t recommend resurfacing the lifters though. Better to buy new ones such as the ones form Denis Welch.




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Seconded. They did my BJ8's arm over 100K ago and I'm still rockin'

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I sent my rocket arm assembly to Rocker Arms Unlimited in Redding, CA. They know Healey rocker assemblies and did a good job.








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Happy new years to all of you.

I am of a belief that I need to rebuild my rocker arm assembly. I built this engine over 40 years ago and got a rebuilt rocker assembly from a local rebuilder in LA.

Lots of blow by and rear air filter gets loaded with oil.

Does anyone have a detailed how to on rebuilding a rocker arm assembly? Or can you suggest a rebuilder? The folk slisted in Healey6.com are out of business.


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