[Healeys] 100 fan paint

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You can get spray cans of custom color at reasonable prices.

There are a lot of variations for 'Chinese Red:'


This color, to my eye, would be suitable:


I jumped through the hoops and found:


$14 for an 11-oz can of enamel; not unreasonable. Given the interest on 
the List, you could buy a case and provide others with an, ahem, slight 
markup for S&H ;)

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> True value or ace hardware maybe?  Mom and pop hardware maybe?
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> Chinese Red is not available anywhere on the web.  I suspect 
> Rust-Oleum has gone woke and pulled it from the lineup.  Home Depot 
> and Lowes, as well as other suppliers, list it as out of stock. 
> Carmine red is another hard one to find.  UPS shipping of a 12 ounce 
> spray can is almost $20, if you can find it.  Going to look around 
> town to see if someone has Chinese Red or Carmine red on the shelf 
> somewhere.
> Mike MacLean
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>     Not sure how close it was but used Guard Red from a leftover
>     Porsche paint job.  My fav red shade BTW.  A bit pricey for an
>     amount just to paint fan blades though.
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>     *Try Rustoleum Chinese Red*
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>     I used a spray can of "Chinese Red", an exact match and the
>     original color.  I cannot remember the brand, but it had to be
>     ordered.
>     Cheers,
>     Curt
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