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Hi Bob,

A little off the subject of batteries but:

I grew up in West Palm Beach and worked for the BMC distributor there in high school running the BMC sport fishing boat, taking out corp dignitarys, (including Geoff Healy) sail fishing or just cruising. When the boss (Ed Bussey) would bring the latest Healey to the boat on test drives I recall the first Healeys with roll up windows, thinking the end of the British sportscar era had arrived.  While its been 60+ years since those days, never did I recall having an issue in the Florida summers with vapor lock. Of course back then I could have never imagined owning a Healey being just a worker bee for the VIP's.
When I first bought the BN7 (without sidescreens) out of a Calif "barn" back around 2005 to restore and drive, of course it took me back to my youthful days growing up in Florida. Now living here in Kentucky with 4 full seasons, I park the car on hot summer days to avoid vapor lock or winter when the first salt is spread. Hence I use a battery tender for the several months between driving stints.

If I recall from previous Healey board themes you have had vapor lock issues with your car in Florida. Did you ever resolve your issue, or am I mistaken?

Richard C
BN7 #440
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I also buy batteries from Sams for Healey, boat, cars and very satisfied with the long life are most reasonable price. I use Battery Tender for my cars during the long hot Florida summer when I am in Michigan.  However, when returning to Florida, I give the batteries on both cars a full charge before starting them.  Never a problem with batteries.  Also, when leaving Michigan my Chrysler Convert is driven into a storage unit with no electricity.  Then I disconnect the ground from the battery so the electronic items can not drain the battery.  6 months later it has always started.  Just to be certain I have a portable battery which will start any battery.


Bob Begani

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I ended up at Sams Club and got a 3 yr warranty Delco for $80. Might get 10 years out of it :-)


Richard C

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 I have one of these in my BJ8. Spins it over almost like a gear-reduction; needs a specific type of minder (note the CCA):


Deka brand is the best 'conventional' I've found (and made in the 'States, unlike most others). All depends on how much you can to spend, but get sealed if you can.


On 9/24/2021 12:47 PM, Richard Collins via Healeys wrote:

Went to shake the dust off my Healey yesterday in celebration of the arrival of the fall arrival driving season and dang, turned over barely once and then nada mas. Put a jump on it and off I went.
Can’t complain however. The “Autocraft Silver 26-R” I’ve been using since Oct 2008 finally gave in and passed away to battery heaven at the ripe old age of 13 years.
Gotta give thanks to using a battery tender all those years. I have one for each of my cars. I highly recommend it. Now comes the decision of staying conventional or switching to an AGM battery.
Any opinions out there ?
Richard Collins
BN7 #440

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