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fsufan1952 at yahoo.com fsufan1952 at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 23 09:58:28 MDT 2021

I just took on a project Healey to try and help out a Healey friend . It’s a 65 1/2  BJ8 with 54,000 original miles , original owner . Hasn’t run or moved for over 15 years. The motor turns over by hand . No battery yet . No rust , good interior, new top.  I had it flat bedded to my place . The wheels turn , but with a lot of resistance. She wants me to get it running for her. I opened up the brake/clutch reservoir and it was bone dry . I filled it up and I was able to pump up and get a brake pedal. I’m sure I will be completely rebuilding the brake system. When I pushed the clutch pedal it wouldn’t move . Not sure why . Any thoughts? I’m sure I’ll be rebuilding both the master cylinder and just replacing the slave cylinder. 
     Thanks , Right now more questions than answers . 
        1967 BJ-8 

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