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simon.lachlan at alexarevel.plus.com simon.lachlan at alexarevel.plus.com
Sun Sep 19 14:23:32 MDT 2021

You'll recall the Overdrive saga. Have decided not to commission  a TV
mini-series per someone's advice.

1) The overdrive is in and works very well. I haven't tested the pressure
yet - I will - but it clicks in and out very briskly.

2) The new clutch kit is in. Hard to get the old bits off until I borrowed
that magic tool. Used the black nylon(?) tool from AHSpares as so much
handier than the spare original shaft. 

3) Putting the gearbox back in was pretty tedious. It would go in all the
way except for the last 3 or 4 inches. Took it out again and checked the
alignment was 100% which it was. Put it back in, pushed, shoved and cursed.
In the end we wound it on with long threaded bolts. I don't want to put in
another clutch. Ever.

4) Now, finally, the QUESTIONS:-

Initially, getting the car into any gear was very graunchy and really the
car would have been undriveable. Pedal pressure felt the same as before but
nothing was happening except expensive noise. 

Although there was no evidence of a loss of fluid - why would there be? - I
bled the clutch. I have fitted the extension tube so it wasn't tricky. That
did make a difference but not to the way it was previously.

So (1) Is it normal for clutches to be difficult at first? A sort of
"breaking-in" period??

(2) I'll bleed it again but am drawn to getting a longer push rod for the
slave cylinder. Does that make sense? I do have to push the pedal down
pretty far. Comments?

(3) Slightly off topic..digging around in my files, I saw a suggestion to
cut the head off the top bolt that locates the slave cylinder. Then to
Loctite in permanently for use as a dowel peg. ie that bolt is a bit of a
PITA and one bolt would suffice. Wouldn't it?? 

All advice would be very welcome,



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