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Please don't forget the carb filters/screens and possible dirt in the float

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> Sir,
>       I'd start with the fuel system.
> I'd replace the fuel filter and perhaps even drain your tank. It may be
> stagnant from sitting a long time.
> The tank itself could also be causing the clogging issue.
> Classic dirty fuel filter is loss of power and bucking going up a hill.
> Cheers,
> Dave Walsh
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> Today's Topics:
>   1. Engine problem (Leonard Berkowitz)
> I just took my Healey out for a drive on a spectacular day.  All was going
> very well for most of the drive when it suddenly started to sputter and
> lose power. I haven’t started to diagnose yet so I just would like some
> thoughts as to what may be the cause. The engine was completely rebuilt
> about 20,000 mils ago and has was running beautifully until the float to
> jet pipe on the rear carburator sprung a leak.  I changed the jets on both
> carbs but haven’t been thrilled with the performance ever since.  Although
> it has been satisfactory just not as good as before. The only thing I have
> checked so far was the oil in the carburetor, which was OK  I did notice
> quite a bit of dirt in the fuel filter. I suspect that could be at least
> part of the problem if not the whole problem. Any thoughts would be
> appreciated.
> Thank
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