[Healeys] Engine problem

Leonard Berkowitz DrBerkowitz at hotmail.com
Sat Sep 11 11:32:06 MDT 2021

I just took my Healey out for a drive on a spectacular day.  All was going very well for most of the drive when it suddenly started to sputter and lose power. I haven’t started to diagnose yet so I just would like some thoughts as to what may be the cause. The engine was completely rebuilt about 20,000 mils ago and has was running beautifully until the float to jet pipe on the rear carburator sprung a leak.  I changed the jets on both carbs but haven’t been thrilled with the performance ever since.  Although it has been satisfactory just not as good as before. The only thing I have checked so far was the oil in the carburetor, which was OK  I did notice quite a bit of dirt in the fuel filter. I suspect that could be at least part of the problem if not the whole problem. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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