[Healeys] Flywheels

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All the talk about lightening, and not a word about balancing. I'm all
for a balanced engine and drivetrain. Hank

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   We have been installing a NEW 15 lb flywheel for probably 25 plus
years and never had a problem. Especially on the 100/4 motors they
notice the biggest improvement.     David Nock
 British Car Specialists
 www.britishcarspecialists.com      FROM: i erbs SENT: Wednesday,
September 08, 2021 8:09 AM TO: Gary Anderson CC: Ahealey help SUBJECT:
Re: [Healeys] Flywheels       I had a lightened flywheel on my bn4
,but gave it up to put a bj8 clutch in it. I do notice a difference,
but my left knee is happier with the late model clutch cover.

Ira Erbs
 1959 AH 100-6
 1967 MGB
 Milwaukie, OR     On Wed, Sep 8, 2021, 5:07 AM Gary Anderson  wrote:
   Rather than tagging onto an already very long thread, I thought I'd
throw in my 2 cents on a new email.   I'm with Earl on this one. When
Mike Meindorfer rebuilt my engine during my restoration of my BN7
(where IS Mike these days?) in 1991, he used a lightened flywheel from
Bill Bolton. The most notable difference for me was the responsiveness
of the car when I was driving. There wasn't as much inertia to
overcome as the car went from idle to 3000 rpm, and much less apparent
lag when shifting gears. I wasn't interested in acceleration per se --
Drag racing is not something you're ever going to do with a Healey --
but rather the satisfying feeling of a car that was a pleasure to
drive away from a stop and up through the gears. Incidentally, I
haven't done so much as adjust the carburetor since the engine was
rebuilt. Can you believe it? 30 years ago. That whole period was so
long ago and remembered only with the Healey still in the garage and
driven on Saturdays in southern Oregon, and a dozen or so Healey meet
plaques on my office wall.   All the best, everyone. May the smoke
clear, may the rains stop, and may the fires be contained.   Gary
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