[Healeys] Overdrive issues.

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That's satire, right?


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Have you thought of turning your Healey saga into a reality television program?


Now you have the flywheel out it would be a good time to considered lightening and balancing the flywheel. And you thought this was a simple OD fix!




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To, hopefully, bring you up to date and hopefully put this thing to bed……

I took the overdrive up to OD Spares and explained what was going on. They stripped it down and discovered:-

        The pump plunger wouldn’t go all the way up because the casing was “b*gg***d. At some stage it had been scored and then repaired with something like JB Weld.

Plastic Padding or Plastic Metal are our equivalents. I suspect OD Spares had done it when they rebuilt the servo back in +/- ’04. They seemed very knowledgeable about the stuff, saying it “takes 24 hours to go off”. Plastic Metal goes off as soon as you turn your back on it. Anyhow, they put in a brand new front casing and a new clutch. Tested, the OD ran at 500psi++.

While they were doing that, 08:30 to 12:30, I was able to go to AH Spares and get a clutch kit and various other bits. First time there. Bit surprised by the member of staff who said “We’re not mechanics. We just sell this stuff”. So, the clutch will be the next discussion…..



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