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Impact gun .. probably the least likely to break them.


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> Thank you all for your interesting replies and comments.
> The saga continues.
> 1) The OD is on the workshop/garage floor thanks mainly to my son-in-law
> who is that most useful thing, a VERY strong and willing assistant in heavy
> matters.
> 2) The gearbox and OD are going “oop north” on Monday. (Get up at 04:00 to
> be at OD Spares for 08:30).
> 3) That part of the UK contains the majority of car-related things,
> places, suppliers, workshops etc in the UK.  For example, AH Spares,
> Ahead4Healeys and JME Healeys are 13, 3 & 21 miles from OD Spares
> respectively.
> Now, I’m almost certainly going to buy the 3-part kit that consists of
> clutch, cover and bearing. I want to take the old assembly out and take it
> up with me for assessment. Just in case any of it’s OK. (It’ll have to be
> very OK for it not to be recycled).
> Q1) Right now, I’ve looked at the manual which suggests that one removes
> the cover first. Surely that’s not necessary if one’s going to remove the
> whole issue?
> Q2) I’m faced with 6 bolts, none of which want to turn. They’ve been there
> for my 25 years and who knows how long before that…….When I put any
> torque(?) into turning them, the engine rotates and whatever effort I’m
> putting out is absorbed by the engine’s rotation. Fair enough. I propose to
> take off the sump cover and jam the engine with a big chunk of timber. And
> then try again. The oil is dripping out as I type. Is there a better way of
> doing this?? Some clever trick that enable one to get these nuts off??
> Thanks, Simon
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