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Fri Sep 3 05:07:55 MDT 2021

Thank you all for your interesting replies and comments.

The saga continues.

1) The OD is on the workshop/garage floor thanks mainly to my son-in-law who
is that most useful thing, a VERY strong and willing assistant in heavy

2) The gearbox and OD are going "oop north" on Monday. (Get up at 04:00 to
be at OD Spares for 08:30).

3) That part of the UK contains the majority of car-related things, places,
suppliers, workshops etc in the UK.  For example, AH Spares, Ahead4Healeys
and JME Healeys are 13, 3 & 21 miles from OD Spares respectively.

Now, I'm almost certainly going to buy the 3-part kit that consists of
clutch, cover and bearing. I want to take the old assembly out and take it
up with me for assessment. Just in case any of it's OK. (It'll have to be
very OK for it not to be recycled).

Q1) Right now, I've looked at the manual which suggests that one removes the
cover first. Surely that's not necessary if one's going to remove the whole

Q2) I'm faced with 6 bolts, none of which want to turn. They've been there
for my 25 years and who knows how long before that...When I put any
torque(?) into turning them, the engine rotates and whatever effort I'm
putting out is absorbed by the engine's rotation. Fair enough. I propose to
take off the sump cover and jam the engine with a big chunk of timber. And
then try again. The oil is dripping out as I type. Is there a better way of
doing this?? Some clever trick that enable one to get these nuts off??

Thanks, Simon

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