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simon.lachlan at alexarevel.plus.com simon.lachlan at alexarevel.plus.com
Wed Sep 1 08:46:48 MDT 2021

You will all be as sick of hearing about my OD as I am of lying underneath
it. I've decided to kick the whole thing into touch. I'll whip out the
gearbox (hah!) and drive it complete up to OD Spares who will sort it out
while I wait. Even if I have to wait all day. Beats making the round trip

Which leads me on to thinking about "what else to do when I'm in there"...

The clutch is the obvious candidate.

1.	I don't know how long is a piece of string, but is there a mean
average duration for a clutch in terms of miles? Not driven hard, just
2.	I see that people quite often sell the clutch as a kit consisting
in: the plate assembly, the cover and the release bearing. I thought that
one replaced the latter every time one got near it and that one replaced the
plate as and if needed. But - I thought - the cover is just a hunk of iron
and didn't ever need replacing. Am I right in any of that??
3.	Tools..I see a great variety. In shape, design and in cost. Broadly
speaking there are variations on A or B. The former seems elaborate and not
suited to someone who hopes to only ever change one clutch in his life. But
B is so very different from A that one wonders if it can do the same job..

Any thoughts on all or parts of the above would be very much appreciated.


Now to battle with the gearbox. Oh joy....





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