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A 6 cylinder head weighs 91 lbs.  I have built many race engines over the
years and never used any kind of sealant. I always used Payen head gaskets.

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> Listers,
> It appears that I may have to pull the head (some oil in the radiator
> fluid) on my 66 BJ8 and I may (likely) have to replace the head gasket.  I
> am going to leave the engine in the car.  I have pulled the head of my BJ7
> but that was many years ago.  I will need help physically (I'm older now)
> to pull the BJ8 head.  Does anyone know what the *actual weight* of just
> the head is?  I need to determine how many people I need to help me.  Of
> course, I will remove everything from the head before pulling it and then
> place a straight edge on the head and block to determine if I have
> additional issues to deal with.  Hopefully not but I will check.
> Do I use sealant on the new head gasket and if so what type?   One side or
> both sides?
> After the recent discussion on Moss and their prices and quality, what are
> the thoughts about sources for a good quality head gasket, without being
> gouged.  Entering the cold months, I have plenty of time to do this right.
> Is there anything I should be on the lookout for, or check before buttoning
> up things?
> I want to do this just once but I do want to do it completely and
> correctly.  So, any words of wisdom are certainly appreciated.
> Thanks as always,
> Fred
> 66BJ8
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