[Healeys] Electrical question

Tom Felts tomfelts at windstream.net
Tue Oct 26 16:12:33 MDT 2021

BJ8     had power from the blue HL sw wire to the dip switch--all WAS well.  All of a sudden no power thru the hL sw blue wire to the dip sw.  HL switch is good.  Ran a wire directly from the HL switch to the dip sw-----have power--all works.Ohms's reading seems quite a bit higher thru that original wire than a reg wire i used.  Guess it is possible that the resistance is so high that it won't allow voltage to pass??   Anyone who has tried to trace that wire will know it is impossible to see the full length since it is encased in wrap.I'm down to disconnecting the original wire and running another power wire from the HL sw to the dip sw and moving on.  Of course that won't help me determine what caused it but I'll have lights.  Anyone have any other ideas on cause?Anyone know what gauge wire I should use?

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