[Healeys] BN7 Sidescreens - Screen Fitting Instructions

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Pretty much the same formula for sail boats, or boats in general...
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I know from experience that airplanes fly because of money. Lots of it.

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I never met the man either and if we had I doubt if we would be around to enjoy our Healey...
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I have never met Mr. Bernouli and when I said that pressure inside the car "increased" it would indeed have been more accurate to say that pressure outside decreased due to the air molecules' having to travel a greater distance, creating lift..  Fortunately the magnets' force is stronger than the lift and my side curtains no longer pop out at highway speeds.

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Actually the effect you are seeing is the Bernoulli effect. The air outside is moving faster than the air inside, which lowers the pressure outside causing the screens to move out. It’s the same thing that allows airplanes to fly and sailboats to sail into the wind. The 100 doesn’t have a channel to hold the front of the screen so I made a couple tabs of strap ally and mounted them under the top hold down screws. Worked fine until my Moss side curtains fell apart. Got them in waiting until I get a new set...
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I believe that side curtains on roadsters have a tendency to blow out due to increased pressure within the car, especially at speed.  Mounting and fitting the curtains perfectly so that they notch in behind the windshield stantions just enough to resist this force is not easy and I came up an easy solution:  I mounted a 1" square neodymium magnet to the front inside upper corner of each curtain and a similar magnet to the rear face of each stantion using a small piece of angle in such a way that they are in their "attraction" mode when the door is closed.  The magnets are more than powerful enough to overcome the pressure from within the car and yet they release when the door is opened.

I forget now my source but the magnets can be ordered with holes predrilled in their center and they are chrome-plated.

Best--Michael Oritt, BN1

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I usually buy my own felt, a fairly thin and dense one, and cut my own glass and make sure it fits rather tight, then you have to “pinch” the glass in the channel at the top and bottom by tapping the divider against the glass where it ends.


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