[Healeys] BN7 Sidescreens - Screen Fitting Instructions

Richard Collins gonnagitcha90 at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 21 16:37:14 MDT 2021

I rebuilt the side screens on my BN7 last year with the Moss kit. It was a bit of a PITA. I just tried to take a picture but it’s not very helpful.
Basically the outside screen is installed then the sliding inside screen. Then you need to “milk” the felt all around (it’s a tight fit) starting with and under the fixed screen over the top of both then under the slidin screen bottom leaving the drainage holes free on the outside but keeping the sliding screen  on the felt in it’s slot.
Weird your fixed section blew out from pressure but if was warm, thereby flexible then I can see it happening.

Richard C

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Take a look at Sidescreens.pdf (healey6.com)<http://www.healey6.com/Technical/Sidescreens.pdf>

John Sims
Matawan, NJ

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Went for a drive the other day and as it was rather windy I fitted my new side screens for the first time and was impressed with the wind and noise protection they gave. Part of the drive took me onto a highway and when I increased the speed to 100 km/h the fixed screen on the drivers door blew out (thankfully there were no other cars around me)

Taking a closer look at the side screen frame and comparing it to the original side screen assemblies I noticed the following:
1. The siding screen is in the inner channel which has a felt U-section – same as the originals
2. The outer channel, for the fixed screen is filled all-around with a high density felt which is just below the channel lip.  Is this right, as the felt blocks the drainage holes, the screen does not sit deep in the the channel, and the original side screens do not have this felt?

I have spent countless hours surfing the net, the archives, looking at parts books, and Gary Andersons restoration guidelines and can’t find how the screens are fitted inside the frame so I would be really appreciative of help and guidance.

Thank you

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