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Later cars had 1/4 inch bolts with extended tips in place of the roll pins.

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#yiv5548901467 #yiv5548901467 -- _filtered {} _filtered {}#yiv5548901467 #yiv5548901467 p.yiv5548901467MsoNormal, #yiv5548901467 li.yiv5548901467MsoNormal, #yiv5548901467 div.yiv5548901467MsoNormal {margin:0in;font-size:11.0pt;font-family:sans-serif;}#yiv5548901467 a:link, #yiv5548901467 span.yiv5548901467MsoHyperlink {color:blue;text-decoration:underline;}#yiv5548901467 .yiv5548901467MsoChpDefault {} _filtered {}#yiv5548901467 div.yiv5548901467WordSection1 {}#yiv5548901467 Bob x 2,  The gear shift is not held in place by bolts it is held in place with two roll pins on each side. The roll pins I have measure 0.1755” diameter x 0.59” long. The pins are removed by driving them into the round part of the gear shift lever. BMC part number is AEA558, item #118 on the attached. I just happened to remove a gear shift a couple of days ago.  Harold  From: Bob Spidell
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ps. Bob, check your email client for 'unread messages' or similar, List emails are arriving to me out of sequence.

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   It seems I am not able to send to the Healey Group so I am writing to you directly because you just wrote to Tom regarding trans shift problems.   Thanks for your help, Bob Begani From: rfbegani at gmail.com <rfbegani at gmail.com> 
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Subject: FW: BJ8 4 speed transmission center shifter Listeners: I wrote the letter below to the Group with no response, so maybe it went astray.  Meanwhile, I researched the archives for information and found the following: the thing happened to me w/ my center shift BT7 MK2, except I was stuck in reverse.  Very inconvenient   Shift lever just flopped around, and would not engage anything.The small bottom "ball" of the shift lever had come out of its socket in the remote shift rod that goes into the top of the transmission. you have a Moss catalog, look at page 84, item #31.  It is N/A, but you can make one.  Pull off the console and the cover of the transmission. If my problem is the same as yours, one of the small "tits" on the end of the bolt that goes into the side of the shift tower has broken off which allows the shift lever to go past its normal range and disengage from its socket. This "tit" fits into a slot in the side of the big ball on the shift lever, controlling its side-to-side motion.  If the lever goes too far to one side of the other, it comes out of the socket and flops around.Get a long bolt w/ the same threads as the broken one, check the overall length, turn the end down so it will fit into the slot, and you are done. So, I followed those instructions and found the tits were worn and no longer fitting into the groove in the ball. My friend the machinist was going to make new bolts, when we decided to remove the thick lock washers and screwed bolts into the groove of the ball.  With a little adjustment of the length of the bolt into the grove, we got the shifter to go through all the gears.  My question to the Group, is this the finished product?  Or should we make new longer bolts. Does and one know the length, and so on? As I looked on the Moss catalog, I noticed that there should have been a bushing at the bottom of the of the shift stick.  The  into socket the shift stick rides is not too worn, so I am hoping that a new bush and circle clip, bearing grease assembly and so on will get me back on the road.   Let me know if you have any suggestions, Regards, Bob BeganiBJ8 late model From: rfbegani at gmail.com <rfbegani at gmail.com> 
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Subject: BJ8 4 speed transmission center shifter I backed the Healey out of the garage into the street, shifted into first to straight out, into neutral and moved the shifter to the left and noticed it when all the way left and that it is loose.  The trans is locked in reverse.  When the engine is off the shifter is sloppy.  So, before I remove the shift stick from the trans,  What should I do?  Bob Begani  67 BJ8  _______________________________________________
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