[Healeys] Sealing Head Studs

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Thanks for all the feedback, and not that I doubted anyone, I did my own test.  I pulled out my spare block (lugging a spare block around for 30 years is the guarantee that I will never need one) and cleaned out the stud holes, except for the one hole with a broken stud! I filled each of them with WD-40 and let it sit for 24 hrs.  The level of the WD-40 did not got down in any of them.  Also, Mike Salter pointed out to me that the head stud threads have a groove machined through them, the only purpose of which would be to relieve hydraulic lock from any lubricant that was applied to the threads before threading them in.  There would be no need for the groove if the holes were not blind.


Given that, I cannot see the need to apply anything to the threads when installing the studs, except perhaps for a little lubricant to assist with getting them tight.


Cheers, Mirek


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There are no head studs that go into coolant passages.


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Has anyone out there had issues with coolant coming up the head studs?  I have heard that some stud holes in the block are blind, but some intercept coolant channels and that the head studs that go in these holes need to be sealed.  Does anyone know which holes are blind and which are not?


Thanks for any insights.



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