[Healeys] update--BJ8--puttering, backfiring and shutting down

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Sun Oct 10 10:36:01 MDT 2021

It even helped you find the /real/ problem ;)

On 10/10/2021 9:25 AM, Tom Felts via Healeys wrote:
> I've had excellent results with Pertronics, and this wasnt the fault of it.  Thiscwas a wire from it contacting the rotor and rubbing the insulation off the wire, causing an intermittent short.  That Igniter has been in the car for years and never a failure
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> I've had two ignitor failures; one the magnet support unglued and they
> all fell out; dead stop; two a constant miss, one magnet was reversed.
> But generally they have been quite reliable.
> John
> Hightown, VA
> On 10/10/2021 10:12 AM, Bob Spidell wrote:
>> Thanks for reporting, Tom. When I read you suspected the Pertronix I
>> thought: "This is the first I've heard of an Ignitor becoming
>> intermittent (I'd always heard they failed outright."
>> On 10/10/2021 3:30 AM, Tom Felts via Healeys wrote:
>>> After 3 days of intense troubleshooting and racking my feeble brain
>>> on why this happened, I FINALLY found out why. Background-------was
>>> having a pleasant drive-----felt a slight miss------BIG
>>> backfire--sputtering then cutting off.  Sat for a while, she started
>>> and I drove maybe 100 yards.  Repeat of above------------sat beside
>>> the road and checked to see if I had fuel to the
>>> carbs--yes-----pulled float bowl lids and plenty of gas in float
>>> bowls.  had spark to plugs.   Nothing obvious--so called AAA--got
>>> towed home.
>>> Next several days I tried the switch and check method----changed fuel
>>> pump----changed coil,  changed rotor, replaced dist cap, pulled the
>>> battery cut-off sw and directly shorted to body ground, checked to
>>> make sure the low tension wire had not grounded itself.  ALL--to no
>>> avail.  so I was down to my last idea.
>>> That was to pull and replace the Pertronix Ignitor.  As I was taking
>>> it out, The cause of this whole mess became apparent.  The hot wire
>>> from the Ignitor to the coil had been rubbed raw on one side of the
>>> wire, exposing just a tiny amount of the inner wire.  It was this
>>> small amount of exposed wire that was shorting intermittingly.  and
>>> this was the source of my problem.
>>> Apparently, over time the rotor had rubbed the wire until it rubbed
>>> enough insulation off to expose the wire. This shows how long that
>>> Pertronix had been in there.
>>> This was truly an AH HA moment.  Happy I found it but so very
>>> flustrated over what it took to discover it. But in the process I got
>>> a new fuel pump (electronic), new dist cap, new rotor, new Ignitor,
>>> new Pertronix coil, and a lot of knowledge:)
>>> Glad the root cause was finally found and fixed and she is purring
>>> again:)
>>> Tom
>>> Anyway, replace
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