[Healeys] update--BJ8--puttering, backfiring and shutting down

Tom Felts tomfelts at windstream.net
Sun Oct 10 04:30:34 MDT 2021

After 3 days of intense troubleshooting and racking my feeble brain on why this happened, I FINALLY found out why.  Background-------was having a pleasant drive-----felt a slight miss------BIG backfire--sputtering then cutting off.  Sat for a while, she started and I drove maybe 100 yards.  Repeat of above------------sat beside the road and checked to see if I had fuel to the carbs--yes-----pulled float bowl lids and plenty of gas in float bowls.  had spark to plugs.   Nothing obvious--so called AAA--got towed home.Next several days I tried the switch and check method----changed fuel pump----changed coil,  changed rotor, replaced dist cap, pulled the battery cut-off sw and directly shorted to body ground, checked to make sure the low tension wire had not grounded itself.  ALL--to no avail.  so I was down to my last idea.That was to pull and replace the Pertronix Ignitor.  As I was taking it out, The cause of this whole mess became apparent.  The hot wire from the Ignitor to the coil had been rubbed raw on one side of the wire, exposing just a tiny amount of the inner wire.  It was this small amount of exposed wire that was shorting intermittingly.  and this was the source of my problem.  Apparently, over time the rotor had rubbed the wire until it rubbed enough insulation off to expose the wire. This shows how long that Pertronix had been in there.This was truly an AH HA moment.  Happy I found it but so very flustrated over what it took to discover it. But in the process I got a new fuel pump (electronic), new dist cap, new rotor, new Ignitor, new Pertronix coil, and a lot of knowledge:)Glad the root cause was finally found and fixed and she is purring again:)TomAnyway, replace
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