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I've done some more digging on the "Ole interwebs" after asking this question of the group.  I did learn that not all doors have the vertical/ central wide metal brace running from the bottom of the door to the wood horizontal brace (screw attachment point for the upper panel). I'd speculate that it was added on later in the run as a needed exterior door skin support. I'm sure someone on here knows when and why. I did find some pictures showing the vinyl glued over that brace and it is visible through the vinyl covering.

As far as the wood horizontal brace it appears most glue it creating a 90 degree lip below the upper stiff backed panel. It just didn't seem correct to me, but after viewing numerous completed cars,  it doesn't look bad.

I'm not doing a concours car, but some areas I just get all wrapped up in making it as factory correct as possible.

The Millers

"Always drive them, but remember each drive in an antique car is a test drive."

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How did the factory go about gluing the bottom inner vinyl material to the inner door? So if you glue it tight there is a brace running up the middle that will show through, and also there would be a 90 degree ledge where it meets the horizontal wood middle support (below the upper vinyl covered panel). I'm fairly certain there was no backing material on this piece of vinyl from the factory.  My thought is to glue to the metal brace and glue a distance away to create a nice transition. And the same method from the horizontal mid wood support which would leave some unglued void areas between the vinyl and the inner door.

I do realize that adding some backing takes care of the issues,  but am interested in how it was done originally.  I don't recall mine having any backing, and my original vinyl is too stiff and pulled away to tell how it was done. Once I flattened out my originals,  they did make fantastic templates to cut the new vinyl from.
TIA, Shawn

The Millers

"Always drive them, but remember each drive in an antique car is a test drive."
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