[Healeys] Healey 100 frame drawing

Ian Hey rianhey at btinternet.com
Sat Nov 27 09:56:39 MST 2021

I have been following the list search for a 100 frame drawing, and suddenly
realised that I have a paper blueprint of a Healey chassis, drawing H7624
dated 20-1-53 (English date, not American).  Drawing size is 49 x 27 inches.
I have a BJ7 so am not up to speed on 100 frame details, but the engine
mounts are not six cylinder Healey.  In addition the drawing is marked
1B8845 Frame complete BN1 and 11B5112 Frame complete BN2, so I reckon it is
a 100 frame drawing.


The drawing quality is not great and I am not sure how well it would scan.
I have found somewhere local who may be able to scan it, but it will be a
very large file, possibly too big to be an attachment to an email.  As far
as I can make out a scan comes out as a TIFF (raster) file, which needs
conversion to a CAD (vector) file of some sort.  What file format should I
aim for if I get it scanned?



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