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Having just sent out this drawing, and coincidently revising my early
100 interior with new panels, I am cautioning you all to what I have
discovered to be a turning point in production that was not really
apparent, but after examining this drawing there is a major
differences between the early cars and the "late" early cars! 
The drawing done in 1/4 scale is dated July 28, 1953. Please note the
following on that drawing: It shows an adjustable steering wheel with
2-1/2" movement and a fixed seat also with 2-1/2" movement, but it
also indicates reflector pods on the rear shroud. Obviously this is an
interim drawing and not as production proceeded.
At Jensen car body 1001, Austin factory built about 12-1-53. major
changes were incorporated and the fixed seat and adjustable steering
wheel were eliminated. These changes were to be instituted around Sept
1953 upon return of the factory workers from holiday in August.
However, as production modifications go, it would take some time to
introduce all the changes. Austin did not assemble its 1000th car
until chassis 149924, invoiced 12-19-53. By the end of the year,
Jensen had completed all 1274 bodies, or at least billed Austin for
Approximately three-quarters of the total production for 1953 used
earlier assembled bodies and did not incorporate the later
":standardized" measurements. My early (body 588) interior panels do
not match the later "larger" items! The balance of the 1953-54
production appears to have different specs, interior wise, as well as
a number of mechanical differences.
There must be another later drawing depicting the modifications found
in the late BN1 and BN2 designs. Regards, Hank

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 It did not attach-try again. Hank

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 Guys-I did have this one, but its more about the body. Actual item is
about 2MB. This one issized to email. Hank

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	Attached is the only drawing I have. Sadly, it is not clearly
defined, but I’ve never found a better one anywhere. 


	Ardmore, NZ 

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	I know this is a long shot but does anyone happen to have a
dimensioned drawing of a 100 frame that they would be willing to

	CAD or otherwise would be great.   


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