[Healeys] leaving the list

RCobb rcobb at sonic.net
Thu Nov 18 13:04:29 MST 2021

Hi Bob,

Sorry to learn of your vision issues.

I recall your avid participation in all things Healey, especially in, 
but not limited to, the Chicago area.

Time does move forward, though fortunately we have  great 
memories...meeting in Chuck Anderson's garage, with Healeys strewn 
across his front lawn and the meals at Red Robin when we met in 
Warrenville, for Healey events or at your home.

I was active in the Chicago AHCU chapter in the 80s and 90s and at the 
time my BJ8 was silver.

Don't know how much your current vision limits your driving, but, as I 
recall Pat was a very competent driver, particularly in Healey Club 
events, so you have a built-in chauffeur!

All the best.

Bob Cobb


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I have been on this list since the beginning. I regret that I no longer am able to converse with you all.My sight has deteriorated to the point I can't read the emails any longer.?I will be unsubscribing tomorrow.? By the way my wife Pat typed this.

I wish you all the best. Keep your Healeys on the road.
Bob Brown

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