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S and T Miller stmiller96 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 16 15:25:56 MST 2021

I have been following Geoff Chrysler's BN1 restoration online. I had noticed in one of his recent pictures that there are caged floating nuts where the windshield forward foot attaches to the fender, and not the typical fender clips. The cages are spot welded to the inner fender lip. When tearing down my BN2 I found these caged floating nuts pop riveted in, and I assumed they were wrong (partially correct). It seems to me now that the only thing incorrect is that they were pop riveted in, as I found the spot welded floating cages on my BN1 as well (and just like Geoff's spectacular car). So I plan to spot weld those back in.

Interesting though while looking at my front BN1 fenders I found the last/rear fender attaching hole has a nut welded directly to the inner fender, again rather than the typical fender clip. This one is not in a floating cage. Does this seem correct? I can't find any evidence that my BN2 had welded nuts on that last hole, but it's possible.
TY, Shawn

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