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Patrick-such a handsome tunnel cover and bulkhead-there must be at
least two cylinders in there! Hank

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	The standard fitting to Austin-Healeys is always interesting. As can
be seen from the attached there is no ashtray fitted to the
Austin-Healey 100 BN3/1. The gearbox tunnel consists of five separate
steel and aluminium pieces and when it was cobbled up by the DHMC they
made no provision for it. 

	Conversely with our Healey Saloon there are three ashtrays, two for
the rear seat passengers and one for the front, but thankfully there
are no cupholders. 

	Hoo Roo 

	Patrick Quinn 

	Blue Mountains, Australia 

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	The ash tray opening for replacement materials is arbitrary, but all
Healeys starting with the early 100s (1953 with 2pc. tunnel) (BJ
carpet not open) had the opening there-mostly for pipe smokers to
chill their ash. (That's ash!)  

	Pre-production Healeys used that spot for the overdrive switch, as
seen on this prototype interior. Now-a-days its mostly a coin holder
thanks to current smoking laws. Hank 


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	Simon – I’m pretty sure that all Healeys had ashtrays from the

	At the changeover to the BJ8, the square hole in the center shift
gearbox cover was omitted as the ashtray was now mounted into the
console. In addition, a couple of studs were molded into the
fiberglass for a mounting bracket for the console. 

	If you are getting a carpet as part of a kit, the ash tray hole will
likely not be there – they usually leave that to the installer. Your
call as to whether or not to fill the hole. Personally I’d keep it
– for small stuff like ‘fuses and valve caps’. 

	Earl Kagna 

	Victoria BC 

	BJ8, BT7 tri-carb – (center shift) 

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	I determined, with your help, that I have an original tunnel cover
for my BT7 MkII. Fibre glass, centre change box. 

	Some of you pointed out peculiarities concerning the ash tray

	I’ll be getting a new tunnel cover carpet and, as these seem to be
more or less bespoke, I’m wondering whether to keep the ash tray or
fibre glass over the square hole. 

	Did all original tunnel covers come with a hole fitted for ash trays?

	And thus some had the ash tray actually fitted and some had the hole
carpeted over? 

	Or what? 

	Was the ash tray an optional extra which, in fact, was fitted to most
cars. Like wire wheels….. 

	Nobody will ever smoke in my car. I just use the ash tray for spare
fuses, valve caps and the like…. 

	I’ll have to let the carpet people know one way or the other. 



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