[Healeys] Springs holding the shift stick in the tower housing

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Bob, thanks, on my way to the hardware store fir the pipe.  Will let you
know how it goes.  Love this Group.




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I had the same difficulty installing the spring, washer, and circlip last
month.  After some thought, I made a very simple and inexpensive tool that
was VERY effective.

Take a 1 ½ inch PVC pipe, cut around 10 inches long

With a grinder, bevel one end.

With a grinder, cut two notches in the other end.

Tool is complete!

The retainer washer will just fit on the beveled and of the PVC pipe but not
slip onto the pipe.

The circlip will fit around the PVC pipe.

Place the spring and washer over the shift stick and onto the tower. Place
the PVC pipe over the shift stick and into the washer. Place the circlip
over the PVC pipe.

Now for the magic. With the doors open, take a string or cord, wrap under
the car and over the PVC pipe (laying it into the two cut notches).  Pull
tight and tie the ends together. Then with a tourniquet knot (screwdriver in
picture), tighten the cord.  This will push down AND HOLD the PVC
pipe/washer/spring.  Use needle nose plyers to insert circlip.

See attached pictures

My description probably sounds more complicated than it is.  Less than 5
minutes to make the tool, and less than 5 minutes to assemble everything.

Good luck. Any questions, just ask.

Bob Simmen


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Subject: [Healeys] Springs holding the shift stick in the tower housing


Thanks to those who helped me, I confirmed that the screws were not worn and
I needed a new nylon bearing.  It snaped around the ball so I applied
lithium grease to the end and the sides of the stick and housing installed
the screws.  When for a ride noting that the shifting was nice and smooth
like it should be.  I did all this without removing the tunnel which makes
it difficult to install the springs and circle clip retainer into the tower.
Any suggestions?




Bob Begani

BJ8 67

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