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Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Mon Nov 15 09:11:27 MST 2021

I can't say definitively, but a) I've never seen a Healey not fitted 
with an ash tray and b) ash trays were installed on all cars, at least 
for the American market, until a decade or so ago; carpet only covering 
the hole would have been awkward. I usually keep a few quarters for 
meter in mine, and sometimes a spare fuse or two.

'Cigar lighters' were, I believe, an option; the replacement harness for 
my BJ8 I bought came with a wire lead (brown) for a cigar lighter which, 
unfortunately I didn't properly insulate and it let some smoke out.

On 11/15/2021 3:26 AM, Simon Lachlan via Healeys wrote:
> I determined, with your help, that I have an original tunnel cover for 
> my BT7 MkII. Fibre glass, centre change box.
> Some of you pointed out peculiarities concerning the ash tray fitting.
> I’ll be getting a new tunnel cover carpet and, as these seem to be 
> more or less bespoke, I’m wondering whether to keep the ash tray or 
> fibre glass over the square hole.
> Did all original tunnel covers come with a hole fitted for ash trays?
> And thus some had the ash tray actually fitted and some had the hole 
> carpeted over?
> Or what?
> Was the ash tray an optional extra which, in fact, was fitted to most 
> cars. Like wire wheels…..
> Nobody will ever smoke in my car. I just use the ash tray for spare 
> fuses, valve caps and the like….
> I’ll have to let the carpet people know one way or the other.
> Simon
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