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re: "Would this happen if the clutch disc was stuck to the flywheel?"

I think if it was just the clutch disk stuck to flywheel you'd still get 
at least some movement of the pedal. Early cars used coil springs in the 
cover plate to hold the disk firm to the flywheel, and later cars used 
diaphragm 'springs.' I think with either you'd at least be able to move 
the pedal until the springs reached their limit of travel (or you left 
leg reached its limit of strength).

It's a long shot SWAG, but since the car has sat for a long time it's 
conceivable the fluid in the line has gelled and/or crystallized to the 
point it prevents flow to the slave cylinder (I have had BF gell up). 
I'm not sure you can move the release bearing fork much by hand, though 
I haven't tried; those are some strong springs in the cover plate.


On 11/6/2021 7:52 PM, Don via Healeys wrote:
> Sorry I didn’t finish my story about the fixes I’ve done so far . When 
> I first got the car and I tried to push the clutch pedal it wouldn’t 
> move.  After removing the carbs , which I’m going to rebuild I was 
> able to access the clutch master cylinder. After removing the lines to 
> the master cylinder i was able to push the pedal to the floor . I’m 
> replacing the lines to both the clutch and brake master cylinder. I’m 
> replacing both master cylinders . I’m replacing the hydraulic fluid 
> tank as it leaks. When I got under the car and looked at the clutch 
> slave cylinder, which I’m replacing I can’t move the clutch fork. I 
> can’t budge it , I can’t move the piston rod . I’m going to finish 
> rebuilding, replacing everything in both the clutch and brake 
> hydraulics system. I’m just Puzzled as to why won’t move . Would this 
> happen if the clutch disc was stuck to the flywheel?  I may answer my 
> own question the farther I get into the rebuild. I don’t want to need 
> to replace the clutch.
>          Don
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>> On Nov 6, 2021, at 10:08 PM, gradea1 at charter.net wrote:
>> Twelve years could have built up some "goo" in the clutch master 
>> cylinder and prevent it from moving the piston. As Perry says, could 
>> also be the same issue in the slave. However, the clutch is hydraulic 
>> and the pedal does not move any mechanics (other than the piston rod) 
>> so it can't be mechanically hung up. The clutch disc is another issue 
>> which may show up later, and I would wonder if the brakes are 
>> functioning? Moisture really plays havoc with hydraulics especially 
>> if the car is not in a conditioned space.
>> This is a good time to change all the fluid, replace hoses, rebuild 
>> or replace cylinders-fun stuff. Hank
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>> Don
>> Maybe the slave cylinder is locked up. Pull the pin at the slave and 
>> see if the clutch pedal will move.
>> P
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>> > On Nov 6, 2021, at 7:36 PM, Don Day via Healeys 
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>> > Hi List
>> > If a 65 1/2 BJ8Healey has been sitting for over 12 years , 
>> Allegedly in a garage and I’m thinking the clutch plate could be 
>> stuck to the flywheel, can’t push clutch pedal in , can it be freed up .
>> > Thanks Don
>> >
>> >
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