[Healeys] Gas Filler Cap

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I have seen that option in use, however I keep mine stock, so as to
insure that my vented cap is functioning as designed. Nothing worse
than a dead spider blocking the passage of fumes. I don't keep my
jacket in the boot, to avoid derogatory comments from my wife.
I also use a large filtered funnel to fill my tank from a 5 gal. can.
This prevents my Armacord from becoming petrified. These "features"
are what make the 100 such a special car with such loving memories.

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  I had a short piece of 1/4" ID tubing brazed to the cap and ran a
length of flexible hose overboard via the hole for the right bumper
support. No more fumes....   
 On Thu, Nov 4, 2021 at 1:12 PM Henry G Leach via Healeys  wrote:
  ...and I particularly like the whiff of petrol in my face when I
open the boot! That's character! Hank

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 This is why the 100 is a far superior vehicle.... may the fights
begin .... 😁 
 On Tue, Nov 2, 2021 at 4:34 PM Patrick & Caroline Quinn via Healeys 


	The 100 petrol caps are in the boot and have a little chain
connecting it to the filler tube. The same with the Healey 2.4 Litre. 

	Hoo Roo 

	Patrick Quinn 

	Blue Mountains, Australia 

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