[Healeys] OD Switch

Bob Spidell bspidell at comcast.net
Mon May 31 20:40:52 MDT 2021

'Perfect' is in the eye of the Healey driver: My BN2 activates the O/D 
in the up position; my BJ8--with both a dash switch and a (DWM) knob 
switch--activates the O/D with the switch down. Yes, I get confused when 
I 'switch' (heh) from car to car. The BJ8 switches are wired in 
parallel, throw either switch down and the O/D activates, but both 
switches have to be up to deactivate it.

The O/D switch is an 'SPST'--Single Pole, Single Throw--switch, the 
simplest of all manual electrical switches. Like Bob H. suggested, the 
only way this happened is the switch got reversed in the knob. The DWM 
knob has a small set screw and a 'cap,' I haven't tried, but I presume 
the switch could be replaced if necessary.


On 5/31/2021 5:32 PM, R. Lindsay via Healeys wrote:
> I installed a shift knob that incorporated the od switch. It has worked perfectly. Since then I had my trans/od rebuilt by Glenn’s MG in St. Peterson FL - GREAT job and highly recommend!
> Prior to the rebuild, the switch worked perfectly - down off, up on. When I reinstalled the switch-shift knob the on and off are opposite -on down and up off. I like it better the old way.  It works perfectly, just up side down. Any ideas on how this could have happened and how to cure it?  The wiring in the car was not changed nor has the solenoid.
> Thank you for any help.
> Price Lindsay
> Cell: 630-841-6300
> Email: 050.rpl at gmail.com

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