[Healeys] Wizzard Radiator cap part #

HealeyRick healeyrik at gmail.com
Tue May 25 13:41:49 MDT 2021

I'd suggest contacting Wizard.  Their customer service is great.  I bought
one of their fancy ones when I got my radiator, so I don't know which
regular parts store cap would fit.

Rick Neville


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> Anyone out there running a Wizzard aluminum radiator?  I bought mine many
> years ago and used an old funky unbranded cap that I had on the shelf.  It
> worked OK but was a bit loose. I now decided to use a recovery tank and so
> I bought a new NAPA Balkamp cap using the part # I got from a discussion on
> the BCS forum.  It is too tall.
> If you are running a Wizzard I would love to know what cap you are running
> and the part number.
> Thanks, Richardi
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