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Steve /. ListersTo your question about the what this build started as, its hard to tell without more photos. I could not enlarge your photos  (a problem with my PC). Also this car may be a collection of parts from different models. Rarely does someone build a modified from a bone stock , well running BJ7 or BJ8 that is worth $50K. as is.
Folks will ask why would someone build something like this but it is a common topic in most all marque based groups. Change to the original has been a car issue and an expected happening for more than a 100 years. 
One of the cars in our garage is a Modified 100 and I have been asked "why" before.  Would suggest that folks take a ride in a non-stock car just to see/feel the differences and in many cases improvements. A V8 in a 2300 pound car will put a smile on many (most) faces. Put 600HP in one and you feel like you just took a ride on the best rollercoaster around. 
Hope all well at Conclave.Perry
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Hello, Healeyphiles -
A friend sent me the attached photo of a car at Conclave.   Sure is one way to solve the ground clearance problem.Does anyone know if the donor car was a BJ7 or a Phase 1 BJ8?
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