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Have you considered installing a mechanical switch? See www.healey6.com
<http://www.healey6.com%20> Technical Page My Modifications Section.
Instructions for installation on negative and positive cars as well as
changing rear reflectors to brake lights and, if you wish a third brake
light. I made these modifications after an over the road truck almost rear
ended me at  a stop light.


John Sims

 <http://www.healey6.com/> www.healey6.com

Matawan, NJ


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I recall several years ago that there was a discussion on the poor quality
of Healey brake light switches. At that time several people advised that a
Harley brake light switch worked and worked better than the original. 

I tried checking the archives but I don't know how to check by subject
rather date - if it can even be done. What I need to know is either the
Harley part number or the years and model Harley that the switches are from.
Can anyone help.

Brian Drab


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