[Healeys] 100 gearbox extension panel

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Thank you David. I think I will install the new tar paper, as you said you do, over the insulation. That will make for a nice touch. Also I'll save the old piece as, "hey this is the original tar paper piece from the car". It's actually in good shape for its age.
Thanks again. Shawn

The Millers

"Always drive them, but remember each drive in an antique car is a test drive."
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Yes originally there was Tap Paper with a rubber air deflector.

When we are doing a interior we will cover the trans tunnel and the vertical panel with Dynamat and then on the vertical panel we glue the tap paper in place to make it look correct. Then install the rubber air deflector to stop the hot air from flowing over the top of the transmission.


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On the 100 gearbox extension panel (forward gearbox tunnel vertical panel) originally, was there a piece of tar paper glued to the gearbox side? I found tar paper that is very similar to the floor material glued to the underside (non carpet side). I plan to insulate the car well with better material, just was wondering if this was an original piece of tar paper.
TIA, Shawn

The Millers

"Always drive them, but remember each drive in an antique car is a test drive."

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