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Here is a chart I made up to discuss the issue...I only use
"clear"(non-ethanol) in all Healeys which here in Oregon is $4.25/gal
Cheers!, Hank

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 All those years indoctrinating is that gasoline and alcohol don’t
mix, and now look at is... 
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	On Sat, May 8, 2021 at 5:11 PM Bob Spidell  wrote:    

	"... $2.41 per litre for premium 98 octane petrol .."

 Before us Yankees get all excited, I believe this is per the
'research' method. In the 'States we use the average of the research
and motor methods, and there's generally a 7-8 octane point spread
between the two, so this would be equivalent to 93-94-octane here.

 "... NO ethanol content ..."

 Now, THIS gets me excited! I presume NZ doesn't have corn
mega-agribusiness shoving their product into our cars.  

	 Nope. Not a whisper from ANY farming lobby groups down here. We
don’t like ethanol in our gas. I don’t think some of us Kiwis
realise just how lucky we are.  

	 When I feel indulgent, I buy AvGas from one of the flight companies
at our local Ardmore aerodrome. The Healeys just LOVE it. They don’t
very often get to enjoy grey tail pipes.  😉


	On 5/8/2021 4:48 PM, Mark Donaldson wrote:    

	Gentlemen, to put things into perspective, 

	Way down here in New Zealand we are presently paying NZ$2.41 per
litre for premium 98 octane petrol guaranteed with NO ethanol content
from selected MOBIL, and some BP and CALTEX stations around the

	At the current USD v NZD exchange rate of 73 cents, that is US$1.76
per litre – or $6.66 per US GALLON. That is exactly NZ$8.00 per

	I got 27.5 mpg from our tri-carb on a 2,278 mile trip to our National
Rally in the South island in March. I’m very pleased with that. 

	The further south we got, the worse the gas got. It seems to be more
prevalent in the South Island. 

	The car LOVES being back home in Auckland. 

	In the Auckland region we pay an extra 10 cents plus tax to fund
roading and transport projects. At least, that’s where our
government tell us it’s going. 

	Frankly, I think a lot of that money is funding the literally
hundreds of thousands of orange road cones clogging up our roads! 


	Ardmore, NZ 

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	I feel your pain... But don’t worry, our politicians are busy
working on ways to close that gap. Unleaded regular is up 60 to 70
cents in the last three months. Funny how that works.   

	Bill Lawrence  

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