[Healeys] Memories of an Austin Healey Drag Racer

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There is a story about Grant Clark a well know character around Ontario
racing circles trying to pass off a Chev 6 in a Healey many many years ago.


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> As an aside, I initially fitted a Chevy inline 6 in my BJ8 during a ground
> up restoration. It was painted Healey engine green & make to look like a
> Healey engine in as many ways as possible. It was also fitted with triple
> side draft twin choke Weber DCOE 45 carburetors which kept most people from
> noticing the engine! See attached photos. It was dyno'ed at 298 HP. I
> eventfully blew up the clutch, requiring pulling every thing out, so I
> decided to rebuild the original Healey engine & re-installed it.
> Gary Hodson
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> It is with much regret that I must report that Danny's car has been
> "restored" by a person in the Vancouver, Washington area.  The car has been
> on the Portland, Oregon Craigslist over the last year and listed for
> $59,000.  It has been painted black and does not look like Danny's car any
> longer.  I just checked but it is not on Craigslist at this moment.
> I saw this car and met Danny for the first time in 1978 or '79.  The car
> was in the Forest Grove Concour D'elegance. The Chevy six (or was a Jimmy
> six?) was painted Healey green and had triple carbs.  I was fairly new to
> Healeys at the time but I knew that something wasn't quite right with that
> engine.  Danny explained to me that he held the NHRA record in his class
> with the Austin 3000 engine but then the NHRA changed the rules. That's why
> he upgraded to the Chevy/GMC six.
> When I saw the photos of his "restored" car on Craigslist I was
> dumbfounded. What had been an iconic gold colored, record holding,  unique
> looking drag race car,  is now a black, BN4, street Healey with the wrong
> engine.  So sad!
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