[Healeys] Memories of an Austin Healey Drag Racer

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RickThose are wheels that only a man who trusts his work would run on a car. Knockoffs, spline on knock off hub not engaging the wheel, lightening holes, interesting stiffeners (flat spokes) welded to wheel and knockoff seat and probably other things that we can't see. All to drive in a straight line for a 1/4 mile at a time.  My understanding is that Dan was an early and very successful hot rod cam grinder, cylinder head guru and overall very good machinist.  He had a shop in Portland Oregon.  

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Interesting front hub and wheel arrangement.  Those sure aren't Dunlop "D" Type aluminum wheels!  The triple intake stacks in the shroud are also interesting.  Maybe three Rochester 2 bbls. under there?
Aloha,Rick Neville

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