[Healeys] Memories of an Austin Healey Drag Racer

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IraThis is the only one I could find online.  Thought I had some additional photos on my PC but apparently not.Dan was a machinist and did a lot of builds of hot rods in the Portland area but the Healey became his race car. In time the car was fit with a Chevy straight 6.to go a bit fasterPerry

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Thanks for sharing. Would be great to see more of the car

Ira Erbs
1959 AH 100-6
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Looking through some of my old papers today and came across a 1987 photo of Dan Kilcup who passed years ago. Dan was an Austin Healey enthusiast that found his fun thing to do at the drag strip in Oregon. After his passing I was able to visit his widow and she graciously let us look at his old racer in the garage. I believe the car was sold but was still together as Dan raced it. 
There are many interesting Austin Healey stories out there. ....

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