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IraIt would be nice to attend another west coast meet. Over the years we have been fortunate to attend many but not recently. Seems like the organizers, no matter which club or group always put together a winner. The trips to get to the west coast for us involved a 2500 mile plane ride but always worth it.  Hope you and the other attendees have a great time at Conclave. 
The follow up comments to your original post regarding a long drive on a desolate road reminded me of a ride in a 3000 fifty years ago. Started in San Jose California south to US Route 40 (parts of which were the old Route 66) and then head east to Pennsylvania. very close to 2700 miles. There were, at that time, a lot of very desolate miles of road through mountains, forests, desert with tumble weeds (Texas Panhadle)  and many miles of farmland. However looking back on the trip it was one off the great adventures  we have been on.  Oh did I mention that this was not a solo trip. My wife Kimberley and our one year old son Martin (who you know and has a NastyBoy Healey of his own) cruised the landscape, from fairly sunny San Jose through the snow in the mountains further south and east through the many, many miles of roads in a 1965 BJ8. There is more to the story but what a ride....
Enjoy the drivePerry

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Howdy all,I will be driving down to Conclave through Klamath Falls,or and then hwy 395 south to Big Bear Lake, Any listers planning to attend and will be on the same route? I'll be in Kfalls 5/13.Let me know if you want to join up? I'm driving solo and wouldn't mind some company. Plan to stay in Carson City, the Inyokern and then to BBL. Not sure exactly as I have no idea how many road hours man and machine can handle.If not hope to some of you there
Ira ErbsMilwaukie,OR 

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