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The difference between early and later is not in length but in the threads
of the T shaped bolt that goes through the floor. Early ones are BSF
threaded.  If you can get a thread or two on the T bolt you can snug it up.
Maybe you need to use thinner padding underneath the tank. Get a big friend
to press on the strap and tank to help push the T bolt through enough to
grab with a nut. It took me three cycles. First with a Very thin washer and
tightened as far as I dared. Second with a thicker bigger flat washer. And
Finally adding a lockwasher.
Perseverance furthers.

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> The tank straps I bought don't seem to be quite long enough.  The threaded
> fitting that is bolted to the boot floor of my BN2 barely protrude below
> the boot floor to get a nut on.  When I look in the Moss catalog there is a
> different part number for the BN1/2 tank strap and another for the BN4 to
> BJ8 strap.  Do I take it the BN1/2 strap is a different length than the
> later version? Of course the BN1/2 tank strap in the Moss catalog is N/A.
> If the early straps are longer than the later ones, I will be in the market
> for a pair, used or new.  Looking at the suppliers in the UK the tank strap
> they list says it is appropriate for BN1 through BJ8 for one supplier and
> another UK supplier just does not list the BN1/2 tank strap.  I don't think
> it is safe the way the tank strap I have only has a few threads of
> engagement holding it to the floor.  Any ideas on this subject?
> Mike MacLean
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