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I use a regular flat washer with a rubber gasket integral – can’t remember exactly what it’s called at the moment (bonded sealing washer, or grommet washer).  Use an appropriate sized rubber o-ring to keep it from wandering sideways into the undercut on the drain bolt.


I’ve used this system for 30 plus years on both Healeys without leaks or problems, and they don’t have to be replaced at subsequent oil changes.  The one on the tri-carb had been on the car for 20 plus years – a couple of oil changes per year.


When you’ve got the drain plug out or the car, take it with you to the auto parts store and fit it up to your satisfaction there.  A couple of dollars should do it.  Pretty sure the washer size is ¾”.




Earl Kagna

Victoria BC

BJ8, BT7 tri-carb




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Thanks to everyone for your information. I don't think I'm going to pay $20 for a crunch washer, but the information should allow me and my mechanic -- who works on everything from Lotus Europas to Checker lodge buses -- to figure out something that will do the job properly. 



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