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I have been successful in replacing the 'O' ring but I had a problem
getting the correct size and being oil resistant.

I say successful but this was only about 4 years ago so it may not last as
long as the original. Time will tell!

Best regards

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> On the BN1 gearbox the overdrive inhibitor switch is immersed in oil and
> is frequently a source of leakage.  The original switch was part # 2H2272
> which changed up to 11G3062. The Lucas # for that switch is 31077 and these
> are screw terminal switches.
> These switches incorporate an "O" ring seal on the plunger to stop oil
> leaking through the switch.  After 60 years the "O" rings tend to leak
> (appalling quality) and it becomes necessary to  change the switch, as
> replacing the "O" ring involves disassembling the switch and usually
> doesn't work.
> The original Lucas 31077 switches are of course NLA.
> Lucas now supplies a Lucar terminal switch as a replacement.
> In later applications the "O" ring seal in not required as the switch is
> no longer immersed in oil, although on the side shift boxes it is subjected
> to oil splash.
> I have installed a new Lucas switch on a BN1 gearbox but during a Varsol
> leak test it leaks significantly and I'm suspicious that it has no oil
> seal.
> I'm awaiting the delivery of a replacement but was wondering if anyone
> else has had success with the currently available switch in a BN1 box.
> M
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