[Healeys] BN1/BN2 rear springs vs BN4 and later

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I take offense that Austin engineers were "penny pinchers"!  I can assert
that in my Austin A90 Atlantic, penny pinching was the furthest thing from
their mind.

But then again I agree, by the time they got to the BJ8 there was alot of
penny pinching going on.... probably the worst of it was not upgrading the
exhaust mounts to something that actually holds on to the exhaust!



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> Richard-section L/9 in 100 workshop manual describes the springs and their
> differences. There were three types- A,B & C with the C being used on the
> later cars up to BJ7-8.  They go from neg camber to pos and back to neg,
> but the double loop eye is the most important feature.
> FYI, I had springs rebuilt at the shop in Portland, but be aware that the
> original thickness (.055, I believe) shackle is no longer available and
> they now use .066.  This stack may be too strong for Healeys. and changes
> the stiffness rate and ride height. I kept my original main leaf, and had
> them rebuild the balance with the thicker, so it still fit the clamps and
> has a good ride height.
> These old cars had materials that just don't exist today, so you have to
> be careful what you replace parts with...have seen many issues with "exact
> replacement" items and Moss is at the top of the list!
> Remember, Austin Design Department were real penny pinchers and specified
> the minimum whenever they could. Regards, Hank
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> Subject: [Healeys] BN1/BN2 rear springs vs BN4 and later
> What is the difference in rear springs between BN1/BN2  and the later
> cars.  Moss wants $30 more per spring for the later springs.  That's $149
> vs $119.  Different length?  Different camber?
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