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Early BN2s had this feature, but late ones did not.  I'll have to check the
Concours guidelines for the changeover point.

That being said, the rear aluminum plate on these generators is prone to
breaking at the ear.  Almost ALL of the NOS replacements that I've found
over the last 30 years have this brass oiler.  So it is likely that if your
car did not come with this feature from the factory, there is a good chance
that if it broke sometime during its life, it was replaced with one of
these early back plates. It's a good feature, so don't worry.



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> I had the generator for my BN2 rebuilt by a well established shop with
> experience in British cars since the 50s.  One thing they could not tell me
> was about the rear bearing lubricator.  My generator came with a flush
> threaded plug where a brass greas filled cup (with a spring and felt pad)
> is on my 60 Bugeye generator.  One of the listers here was kind enough to
> provide a brass screw in lubricator cup for my generator.  My question is
> whether the flush plug or the Grease filled cup is correct for a 56 BN2
> generator?
> Mike MacLean
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