[Healeys] Hot & Cold Brake Wires

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Sun Jul 11 17:15:47 MDT 2021

There's no "hot" or "cold" side.  It's just a pressure switch and can be
oriented wherever it comes "tight" against the threads.

Best--Michael Oritt

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> Is there a “hot” or “cold” side to the wiring of the brake switch in a 67
> BJ8.  I can see there are two wires to the switch, Green and Green/Purple.
> I presume the current enters the switch off of one wire and leaves the
> switch off the other.  I would guess the current comes to the switch from
> the green wire and exits via the green/purple, but its only a guess.
> Further the “hot” side, I’d guess, is the one that takes the current to the
> switch (green.)
> Is my thinking correct, wrong or neither, i.e., there is no hot or cold
> side.  Thank you for your input.
> Price Lindsay
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