[Healeys] Hot & Cold Brake Wires

R. Lindsay 050.rpl at gmail.com
Sun Jul 11 14:22:07 MDT 2021

Is there a “hot” or “cold” side to the wiring of the brake switch in a 67 BJ8.  I can see there are two wires to the switch, Green and Green/Purple.  I presume the current enters the switch off of one wire and leaves the switch off the other.  I would guess the current comes to the switch from the green wire and exits via the green/purple, but its only a guess.  Further the “hot” side, I’d guess, is the one that takes the current to the switch (green.)

Is my thinking correct, wrong or neither, i.e., there is no hot or cold side.  Thank you for your input. 

Price Lindsay

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