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Bob Haskell rchaskell at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 11 06:06:40 MDT 2021

The overdrive solenoid has two coils.  A powerful one to engage the 
overdrive and a holding one that just keeps it engaged. When properly 
adjusted, the solenoid's plunger will open the switch under the rubber 
boot to disengage the first coil as it will burn out if energized for 
too long. I wonder if the first coil is burned out.


Bob Haskell
Austin Healey 3000 BN7/BT7 registrar

On 7/10/21 10:52 PM, healeymanjim wrote:
> for a few months i have been struggling with an overdrive that fails to engage with the solenoid (new one) but will engage if
> i push on the right side setting  lever.  made many different adjustments and none worked.  solenoid will instantly lift the
> left side adjusting arm as long as there is no oil pressure.  it will not lift the adjustment arm more than a few millimeters
> when car is moving.  we had removed the solenoid bracket and replaced a gasket.  not sure what could have happened but
> trans and o/d are now separated on my workbench and i can see nothing wrong anywhere.  checked and reseated ball on
> oil pump and found no grit or dirt.  small accumulator piston moves up and down inside housing assembly.  there were no
> problems with overdrive until gasket change.   any help appreciated.
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